A Tale of Two Unions

California has two very active unions — the Nurses and the Prison Guards — each uses a different form of politics and a different form of “caring.”  The nurses have done heroic work in forcing Governor Arnold to allow for sufficient staffing of hospitals.  They have won significant political victories.


The prison guards have been very successful in calling for more staffing as well — often by forcing the state to lock up more people.  Those who resist passing such laws are charged as soft on crime.  They have also been very successful in blackmailing the state into giving them more money.  Here they go again.



2 comments so far

  1. Seth Sandronsky on

    Which union of CA state workers would you rank as the next most active in the political arena?

  2. mperelman on

    Obviously and unfortunately, the prison guards. Have you seen the professors stand up for anything other that their parochial interests? Have any other state taken any stands in solidarity of issues other than their own. Hats off to the nurses!

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