How to Solve the Immigration Problem

The government is building a high-tech virtual fence on the border that is supposed to cost about $1 million per mile. Cost overruns might be expected to raise the cost several times over given past experience with such programs. The total costs will also include the expense of running the operation, including upkeep — not to mention the environmental costs.

The immigration comes because the US needs workers that will accept low paying work, but even more because the jobs do not exist in Mexico. How many people would want to leave their families and undertake a dangerous trip across the border just to work in low paying jobs without even the few protections that citizens enjoy?

Taking a purely economic perspective, how much cheaper would it be to create jobs in Mexico. President Fox promised to create a million jobs — but they turned up to be north of the border? How much cheaper would it be to make farming profitable in Mexico?


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  1. Martin Langeland on

    This approach would obviously be inappropriate since it is lacking in demagogic opportunities, sufficient all-American pork barrel, and it would off-shore American profits.
    Back to the drawing board. 😦

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