California Sicko

The state Legislature is trying to pass a modification of term limits. Admittedly, term limits is a stupid policy because inexperienced lawmakers become more dependent on lobbyists. Although this particular legislation limits the total number of years a legislator can serve, it will allow a number of powerful lawmakers to retain their positions a bit longer.

Today’s Sacramento bee reports that hospitals, drug companies, doctors, dentists and others in the health care debate has put up about a fifth of the roughly $2.6 million collected by those advocating the change.

Not coincidentally, California is in the midst of a debate about adopting a new health care policy. Single-payer has been deflected, but the Democrats have been modestly better bill than what Schwarzenegger proposes.

Presumably, the Democrats will go easier on the healthcare industry in return for a few more years in office. Such is the nature of democracy!


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