The Economics of Obsequience: Part 2

Trump, Donald J. 2007. “Working on Vacation.” The Trump Blog (30 June).

“I don’t go on vacation very often and, when I do, it’s always a working vacation. So the results of a new survey really don’t surprise me. [Actually, it is almost seven years old]

“It reports that one in five people brought laptops with them on their most recent vacations. At least 80 percent brought their cell phones. That’s because when people go on vacation, they don’t want to miss what’s going on at the office.”

“About one in five said they did some work while vacationing. About the same number called in to the office to see how things were going. Twice as many checked e-mail and even more checked voicemail. They said they kept up with work for many reasons. They didn’t want to worry about missing important information. They wanted to make sure their bosses knew they were available and dedicated. (That’s pretty smart.) Plus, in many cases, they just enjoyed staying involved.”

“Although vacations are supposed to be about de-stressing, some people admitted it would be more stressful not knowing what was going on at work while they were away. And those are the kind of people I want working for me.”


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