Akerlof vs. Sargent

I’m trying to get caught up with the unread journals piling up on my couch. Last night I rummage through the May issue the American Economic Review with the papers from the most recent conference, organized by Thomas Sargent. With the glaring exception of a paper by James Heckman on education, I found very little of interest. Usually, the papers and proceedings have at least a few good sessions.

Today I picked up the March issue with a address by the past president, George Akerlof. What a stunning contrast! Akerlof trounces the abstract nonsense that passes for economic theory today. He rummages other social sciences order to inject some realism back into economics.

I understand my own sense of isolation within the discipline; I wonder how George must feel.

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  1. Alexander Nekvasil on

    That’s what I call the Stepfordization of academia.

    Borrowing a concept from the trendy (still trendy? I’m somewhat out of synch) Lacan — that what you cannot symbolize you will encounter in the real — mainstream economists are in for a few surprises in the near future …

    Like, one million homeless people here, and one million empty, worthless MacMansions, also here — way to go, Market!

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