Frontiers of Tort Reform

One of the favorite projects of the right wing is tort reform — limiting the right of ordinary people to sue the righ and powerful.  You probably remember Tom DeLay suing when his father had an accident.

So here is Robert Bork joining the fray.  Have fun reading it.

Feuer, Alan. 2007. “Bork v. Yale Club: Jurist Seeks Redress Over a Fall.” New York Times (8 June).

After a tumble at the Yale Club in Manhattan last year while ascending to the dais to deliver a speech, he filed a common everyday trip-and-fall lawsuit against the club.

The tale of the suit, filed in Federal District Court in Manhattan, begins on what his court papers innocently refer to as the evening of June 6, 2006, when The New Criterion magazine held an event at the Yale Club in honor of Hilton Kramer, the magazines co-founder. Mr. Bork, a contributor to the magazine, was among those invited to deliver remarks.

The event was held in a banquet room, the suit explains, where the clubs staff had erected a dais atop which a lectern had been placed for the speakers. It is the Yale Clubs normal practice, the suit contends, to provide a set of stairs so that the speakers may ascend easily to their appointed perch.

At the New Criterion event, however, the Yale Club failed to provide any steps between the floor and dais, the suit claims. Nor did the Yale Club provide a handrail or any other reasonable feature to assist guests attempting to climb to the dais.

Cricket Farnsworth, the office manager of The New Criterion, said Mr. Bork managed to reach the dais after his spill, and delivered his speech.


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