My Week with the Conservatives

I am spending the week at a pair of history of economics meetings at George Mason University. The participants in the first one are almost universally very conservative, but they are, with some exceptions, open to dialogue in a very appealing way.

One of the people paraphrased T. S. Eliot in describing groupings of people who share a common idiom and who find it profitable to disagree with one another. Even though some of them have no interest whatsoever in Marx, they went out of their way to make my argument stronger.

All in all, I was very impressed.


2 comments so far

  1. Paul on

    Congrats on venturing into the Lion’s Den. I figure between GMU and University of Chicago you’ve got the two strongholds of orthodox economics.

    I hope they didn’t impress you to the point of conversion!

  2. mperelman on

    The visit strengthens my belief in the need for Marxists to learn to communicate outside of our own circle.

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