Another Bush Coverup

I hope I don’t sound too conspiratorial, but I found this in today’s Wall Street Journal. It sounds strange. The Inspector Generals seem to have been doing a relatively good job in blowing the whistle on some of the nefarious Bush dealings. The Justice Department is coming under scrutiny. Could this be a way of shutting down part of the investigation?

“U.S. Commerce Department Inspector General Johnnie Frazier joins list of IGs under fire. Whistle-blowers say he inappropriately mixed personal and business travel — including trips to Boston and Atlantic City — and wasted money on office renovations. In memo to IG workers, Frazier says, “I have every confidence in the eventual outcome of these inquiries and look forward to their speedy resolution.”


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  1. CommerceIGworker on

    I personally think the Bush administration is the worst in our country’s history.

    But, I’ve worked at the DOC IG for decades now, and there have been widely-believed rumors for at least 15 years regarding Johnnie Frazier’s unjustifiable “business” trips. The first rumor is that, when he joined his staff on a business trip, he would attend the first day’s introductory meetings, and then go shopping (or do “other” things) during the rest of the business trip. The second rumor is that, as a form of hush money, he would quickly promote those unqualified/inexperienced staff members who joined him on these business trips and keep quiet about his disappearances.

    I didn’t join him on a business trip, so I can’t with 100% certainly say he’s guilty, but I know for a fact that he once outright lied to me with a straight face.

    Johnnie’s predecessor, Frank DeGeorge, was probably even more corrupt, and was forced out of office after pleading guilty to a crime.

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