Elsie McClean Got a Hole in One

This news is not particularly interesting except that Elsie, a Chico resident, is 102.


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  1. Chip Meriam on

    I’m 52. When I first met Elsie, as a little kid, she was already an older lady. Elsie and her husband, Percy (nickname Perky), ran a small mom-and-pop grocery store in our little town. Perky handled the check-out counter, and Elsie kept the stock on the shelves, among other things. A fellow in the back of the store took care of the meat department – an old fashioned butcher shop – sawdust on the floor and the whole bit.

    I used to see Elsie at the golf course every time I went out for practice for my high school golf team. I would see Perky whenever Thurdsay Night “Choir Practice” would take place around my father’s poker table. Perky and my dad were members of a group that played poker every Thursday night for over 50 years.

    Elsie and Perky were (are) our friends. I’m delighted and proud that our little town of Chico is on the map because of such a great American woman.

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