Discrimination at the American Economic Association

You remember the American Economic Association, the organization that refused to accept adds that suggested preferences for underrepresented groups. Well, now the AEA seems to be fessing up to discrimination, with the wink that actually the AEA members are rather progressive folk.

Donald, Stephen G. and Daniel S. Hamermesh. 2006. “What is Discrimination? Gender in the American Economic Association, 1935-2004.” American Economic Review, 96: 4 (September): pp. 1283-92.

1283: “This study presents an example that seems to indicate irrational discrimination against one group (men) and in favor of women.”


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  1. d on

    I’m currently taking a Microeconomics class with a professor who enjoys turning reality on its head as much as the authors of the American Economic Review study on discrimination.

    So far, this professor has said:

    – Ceilings on rent creates slums

    – All taxes on corporations are useless because the cost is always passed on to the consumer (and even refused to concede simply the possibility that a corporation making huge profits could “withstand” a small tax without raising prices)

    – And of course all the classic arguments like high unemployment is the result of wages being above the equilibrium (If only we had a theory solely focused on how high CEO wages lead to unemployment).

    I just found out about your book through Monthly Review, and I look forward to reading it.

    I’d love to see a section of your blog dedicated to some of the more common myths of the free market.

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