Humanistic Japanese Capitalism

OK. Capitalism is not really humanistic.

Mehri, Darius. 2005. Notes From Toyota-Land: An American Engineer in Japan (Ithica: Cornell University/ILR Press) certainly makes Toyota seem pretty inhuman, but this not from the New York Times certainly makes Japan seem light years ahead of the US.

Uchitelle, Louis. 2007. “Job Security, Too, May Have a Happy Medium.” New York Times (25 February).

“If cost-cutting is necessary in Japan, there is a pecking order, says Yoshi Tsurumi, an economist at Baruch College in Manhattan and a consultant to Japanese companies. Dividends are cut first, then salaries — starting at the top. Finally, there are layoffs — if attrition is not enough to shrink staff. “The matter of flexibility is important,” Mr. Tsurumi said, “but the Japanese notion is to retrain and transfer people within an organization”.”


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