Did George Bush Kill Anna Nicole Smith? Where is the Press When We Need It?

Well, no. He did not have to. Even so, the death of Anna Nicole has done wonders for the administration. Reporters breathlessly following her demise have no reason to pursue the build-up to the war in Iran.

What do the deaths of another few thousand soldiers mean compared to this tragedy of Anna Nicole? True, the demise of Anna Nicole does not rise to the importance of the O. J. Simpson trial, but compared to the minor threat of war for both Iranians and Americans, this heroic reporting on Anna Nicole is praiseworthy.

I do have one bone to pick with the press. In his recent talk to the American Enterprise Institute, our President explained how he would pursue the war in Afghanistan:

“I said earlier that oftentimes people support the Taliban, or sometimes they support the Taliban in Afghanistan because it’s the only job they can find. If that’s the case — and I believe it’s true — we need to help these folks provide an economy that gives hope. And so one way we can do this is what we call reconstruction opportunity zones that exist on both sides of the Pak and Afghan border. These zones will give residents the chance to export locally made products to the United States, duty free.”


Got that? Free trade will win the war. All you have to do is expand this enterprise zone to include Iraq and the Iranians will have no choice but to join — hopefully before the bombs fall.


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