Koch of the Walk: Right Wing Justice

In my new book, The Confiscation of American Prosperity: From Right Wing Extremism and Economic Ideology to the Next Great Depression, I wrote about the Koch Foundation. Imagine my surprise, when the foundation mailed me the following announcement.  Read more about Koch & the announcement:

Powerful conservative foundations have also effectively used their wealth to influence judges. For example, the generously funded George Mason University Law and Economics Center has provided training to over 40 percent of the federal judiciary (Alliance for Justice 1993, p. 46). This institution holds seminars take place in plush resorts. A Wall Street Journal report describes one of these seminars at the Sundial Beach Resort in Sanibel, Florida:
Nearly all of the judges’ expenses, about $5,000, for the two weeks, are paid by some 90 major corporations, law firms and foundations. A Koch foundation contributes the most, about $1,000 toward each judge’s tab …. Tax returns show that two Koch controlled family foundations have contributed at least $1.3 million toward the seminars. [Fialka 1999; see also Marcus 1998]
This generosity comes into perspective once you realize that Koch businesses have repeatedly found themselves charged with violations of the law. The Wall Street Journal report reminded its readers:
Koch Industries has settled some of the most expensive environmental lawsuits in the country, including cases in Minnesota and Texas where huge oil spills have cost it over $6.9 million in civil penalties and $50 million for damages and cleanup costs. [Fialka 1999]



JUNE 2007 – MAY 2008


The Koch Associate Program was established to identify up and coming leaders and entrepreneurs interested in liberty and help them develop the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary for careers with market-oriented think tanks, policy institutes, and other non-profit organizations.


The program offers Associates the opportunity to work on significant assignments within non-profit organizations while learning and applying Market Based Management®, the management philosophy that helped make Charles Koch an extraordinarily successful businessman and enabled his company, Koch Industries, Inc., to become the largest privately held company in North America.

During the year-long program, Associates are based in Washington, D.C. and spend four days each week at non-profit organizations working in full-time positions and one day each week at the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation immersed in a Market Based Management® curriculum.

The non-profit assignments cover fascinating fields such as:
• Policy research
• Marketing
• Network development
• Non-profit operations
• Leadership and talent development
• Grassroots education

Associates range in experience level from recent graduates to those with a decade of work experience. They come from private sector, government, graduate school, military, and non-profit backgrounds, bringing a variety of perspectives to the program. This blend of participants, combined with the MBM® curriculum and the diverse experiences the Associates have in their non-profit assignments, creates a unique learning opportunity unparalleled in other development programs.


The Koch Associate Program is highly competitive and selects only the most promising candidates. The Foundation looks for the following attributes in a potential Associate:

• Zero to ten years of work experience
• Exemplary academic record
• Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree
• Strong interest in non-profit sector career
• Commitment to liberty
• Leadership ability/entrepreneurial spirit
• Humility, integrity, and a self-starter attitude

The Koch Associate Program is a full-time, year-long program. Associates are employees of the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation and receive a competitive wage and benefits package commensurate with experience. We are an equal opportunity employer. M/F/D/V


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    i think it’s a shame you have to much work experience to apply.

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