GWOT Pork? The Global War on Terror

I read in the Washington Post

“According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, Congress has appropriated more than $500 billion for the “Global War on Terror” since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, and the new funding request would increase that figure to nearly $745 billion through fiscal 2008.”

“Bush Plan Reins In Domestic Spending Proposal Aims to Balance Budget And Fund Wars.” Michael Abramowitz and Lori Montgomery, Washington Post, Tuesday, February 6, 2007; Page A01

But we cannot forget all the Homeland Security pork.  What a racket!  Also, the war costs will inevitably escalate.  The only remedy will be more tax cuts and the elimination of wasteful support for the poor.



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  1. Seth Sandronsky on

    “The budget also omits all costs for the Global War on Terror after 2009, which could run into the tens of billions of dollars in 2012.”

    February 5, 2007
    by Robert Greenstein

  2. Mike B) on

    I think more cuts in spending to the VA are in order, especially with the very real prospect that all those maimed in the GWOT will be coming home expecting “free” treatment for their wounds and amputations. First the it’s the Baby Boomers expecting their free ride on Social Security and now, it’ll be the added burden of young men and women who have VOLUNTEERED to join the military. It was their choice, just like it is our choice not to cater to the incessant whining of some who would tear this free country down.

  3. Rob M on

    If those young men and women did not VOLUNTEERE to join the Military there would not be a choice for people like you Mike B. You would be subject to a draft or you would be conscripted to Military service for a set number of years. My guess is that you are a coward who can’t stand the fact that there are people out there BRAVE enough and SELFLESS enough to risk thier life defending this country, even with people like you in it.

  4. mperelman on

    I wonder how many people volunteer as an expression of bravery. How many join because they have no other opportunities? Or feel that life in a commercial world has nothing to offer them?

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