The Wall Street Journal on Global Warming


Global Warming Does Not Exist, according to much of the Wall Street Journal. Just as its Personal section used to report on declining real estate prices, now its Pursuits section tells gardeners how to adapt to global warming. So now you know.

Climate-Change Gardening

Shifting weather alters the equation for spring planting; ‘pushing the zone’


January 6, 2007; Page P7


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  1. ggwfung on

    Of course global warming hasn’t been proven yet … we’re not like Venus yet. When we’re all living in one big apartment block rising from 5 mile deep oceans – then global warming has been proven.

    But not yet 🙂


  2. Mike B) on

    And the marketing opportunities are obvious. Uranium mining stocks should take off creating a real resources boom. Insurance industry will have to bump costs up to cover the disasters. The landlord class will make gahzillions speculating on where beach front property will be in the decades to come.

    To actually push back climate change is uneconomical. Best to go with the flow. The market should decide these things. After all, we’re only human.

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