Brookings, Lee Hamilton, and the Obscenity of Respectability

I was just reviewing an article on the British Petroleum refinery that killed 15 people in 2005. A panel reviewed by James Baker III is making a study of the accident.

People like Baker are always on panels certifying respectability where none is merited. I am more appalled by the “liberal” representatives in this world of respectable certification. How many times has Lee Hamilton been there to give cover for evil doers? Recall Iran Contra where he seemed to be in charge of heading off danger for Ronald Reagan? It was just that rogue colonel.

What is the main purpose of the Brookings Institution to give the “liberal” side of controversy. Charles Schultze was the economic version of Lee Hamilton firmly protecting the public against any trespassing into the forbidden regions of economic policy.


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  1. Mike B) on

    Liberals don’t oppose capitalism. Liberals are the kinder and gentler form of the system. The content remains one of wage-slavery for most and in a bourgeois democracy, a political power which is equivalent to their miserable share of the wealth which they produce. Half the world’s wealth is owned by 2%. Most of the world’s political power lies with the 2% class and their lackeys.

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