(Private) Big Brother Trolls the Internet

IP Bots roam the Internet searching for malfeasance. Just imagine if such efforts were directed for social goods.

Delaney, Kevin J. 2006. “Copyright Tool Will Scan Web For Violations.” Wall Street Journal (18 December): p. B 1.

“Privately held Attributor Corp. of Redwood City, Calif., has begun testing a system to scan the billions of pages on the Web for clients’ audio, video, images and text — potentially making it easier for owners to request that Web sites take content down or provide payment for its use. The start-up, which was founded last year and has been in “stealth” mode, is emerging into the public eye today, at a time when some media and entertainment companies’ frustration with difficulties identifying infringing uses of their content online is increasing. The problem has intensified with the proliferation and increasing usage of sites such as Google Inc.’s YouTube, which lets consumers post video clips.”


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  1. Mike B) on

    The wages system is a form of legalized theft.

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