Advice Rumsfeld Never Heeded

Mann, Jim. 2004. Rise of the Vulcans: The History of Bush’s War Cabinet (NY: Viking).

16: Rumsfeld asked Nixon for career advice: “Nixon also outlined for Rumsfeld which countries and regions of the world would help further the career of an aspiring politician and which wouldn’t. “The only things that matter in the world are Japan and China, Russia and Europe,” Nixon explained. “Latin America doesn’t matter. Long as we’ve been in it, people don’t give one damn about Latin America, Don.  Stay away from Africa too, Nixon warned.  As for the Middle East, he went on people getting involved there carried to many potential hazards for a politician”.”

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  1. Mike B) on

    On the other hand, Rummy may have learned that Nixon was a bit of a loser himself and so said to himself, “I’ll not invade Japan or China or Russia or Europe. They have WMD. I’ll invade a country with lots of oil which’ll be a push-over for me modern, techie military.”

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