A Sour Note

The morning after we read that the Los Angeles Times fired another editor for refusing to cut costs by eliminating much of its reporting, we learn that Gannett intends to rely more on stories from the blogosphere for its newspapers.

I don’t have any news to report to them, but I can tell you that the trends are obvious. We cannot afford investigative reporting. Negative ads and stories lifted from blogs will be good enough. We’re spending too much on medical care. We need to cut back. Ditto for education.

We need more people to work on McMansions, luxury yachts, and other necessities of modern life in which more and more of our wealth and income goes to the very rich, whom we should applaud for being self-sufficient enough to pay for items. The rest of us should be thankful for low prices at Wal-Mart.

Oh yes, there was an election yesterday. Jim Stroub on Doug Henwood’s e-mail list reported that a friend offered the most succinct analysis I have seen. We can be happy that people will cut our throats are gone and now we can work with people who are sure to sell us out.

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