At Last a Strong Democratic Foreign Policy Initiative

Okay. It’s not about ending the invasion of Iraq, but at least they’re standing up for strong American values. You see, the president is not doing enough to help business. The United States has a serious trade deficit and the solution is — well maybe it’s not a solution, but it’s the Democratic policy — stronger intellectual property enforcement. Here is what Nancy Pelosi, the radical congressman from San Francisco says in challenging the weak-kneed policies of President Bush:

“The President’s failed economic policies have resulted in another month of record trade deficits, once again highlighting the need for a new direction,” said House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. “We must pursue an aggressive trade enforcement agenda so that U.S. businesses and workers do not pay the price for countries that refuse to play by the rules.”


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  1. Paul Lyon on

    Never underestimate the willingness of politicians to put short range goals ahead of long range goals, esp. when they have been corrupted by a prevailing neoliberalism. Instead of proposing or continuing to stress serious proposals, such as taxes on repatriated profits from manufacturing, or say, offshoring of software or engineering design to discourage to reduce one of the major contributors to the balance of payments deficit, plus, say, gas guzzler taxes, and a higher CAFE standard (add your favorite energy renewables/efficiency measure here), she proposes to augment the profits of Disney, Microsoft, and Big Pharma. Did she say anything about making sure that those folks would reinvest their gains in domestic R & D or plant and equipment? I’ll bet not.

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