Interesting Experiment

To: CFA Board of Directors, Chapter Presidents, Lecturers’ Council, Council for Affirmative Action, CFA Staff
From: John Travis, CFA President
Re: Flunk Arnold Media Coverage
The Flunk Arnold Contest got off to a great start yesterday with tons of media coverage.
Here are some of the stories, they are also on Please forward.
1. ANTI-ARNOLD CAMPAIGN — KCRA (9-20) It’s called Flunk Arnold, a new contest aimed at arming student voters to speak out digitally against Arnold Schwarzenegger. As Kevin Riggs shows us it’s the brainchild of the California Faculty Association hoping students will get creative and political at the same time.
2. “Flunk Arnold” Campaign – KNBC (9-20) Tonight CSU (reporter messed up) students are getting a rare opportunity to protest the increase in tuition — in a very unusual way. They can actually make a video and enter a contest called Flunk Arnold. Reporter Mike Luery has on this story. <;
3. CSU students invited to ‘Flunk Arnold,’ win year’s worth of fees — AP (9-20) –The candidates in the California governor’s race are spending millions in campaign contributions to run competing television ads. But a more unique spot assailing Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger could net a California State University student a year’s worth of student fees and a coveted airing during The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. <;
4. CSU Students Set Out to ‘Flunk Arnold’ — KFWB NEWS 980 Los Angeles (9-20) — The California Faculty Association has just launched an online political attack against Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. KFWB’s Lori Kelman says it encourages Cal State students to get involved. <;
5. Cal Union Opens Student Contest to ‘Flunk’ Governor Schwarzenegger — The Chronicle of Higher Education (9-21) — California State University students can win a full year of in-state tuition to any of the system’s 23 campuses for creating the best Web site or 30-second video that argues for “flunking” Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for his record on education.
6. FACULTY REVOLT — The Capitol Insider (9-19) — The California Faculty Association (CFA) is joining with college students at California State University Sacramento and California State University Long Beach in blasting Arnold Schwarzenegger, claiming the Governor has been “horrible to higher education”, because “fees are up” according to Katherine General of the CFA, which represents 22,000 teachers, librarians, coaches and counselors of the CSU system.

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  1. mr skin on

    When’s Arnie going to make a new movie? I could use a good high budget sci-fi flick with Arnold kickin butt.

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