The Washington Generals and the Inept Democratic Establishment

When I was young, I used to enjoy the Harlem Globetrotters, an entertaining black basketball team, that could perform magic on the court. The team that traveled with them, the Washington Generals, never won a game. Of course the crowd never came to see the victorious Generals. Instead, people roared when the Globetrotters made the Generals look like inept clowns.

I don’t know if the Generals still travel with the Globetrotters, but I do know that they have a worthy successor in the Democratic establishment. It took an absolute genius to figure out how Kerry could lose to Bush, yet his team did it with an aplomb that would make the Generals proud.

This year the Republicans have a sputtering economy, a disastrous war, and a cornucopia of scandals. How in the world can the Democrats figure out a way of screwing this up? I can almost guarantee you that the spirit of the Generals lives on.

Whether on Iraq, the economy, or the scandals, the Democrats have yet to express a single bold position. The Generals would be proud of their protégés.


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