The News Stinks

The New York Times is hiring a reporter to cover to cover perfume. The subject is very pertinent considering the terrible state of the news — both the news subject and the subsequent reporting.

Here we go preparing ourselves for another round of fictional analysis about the impending threat from Iran. The same people who brought us Saddam’s arsenal of weapons of mass distraction may now find that they have secretly been moved to Iran. Just what we need — another war.

But don’t worry. Cleverly concocted perfumes may be intended to cover up the stench of recycled reporting by Judith Miller, but with an intrepid perfume reporter the public could be alerted to the ruse.

Alas, we all know that the New York Times would never hire dare to such a perfume reporter. Instead, the reporter will provide information about chemicals that are supposed to fool our olfactory glands rather than the wretched stuff that destroys our intelligence.


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