Maybe repression does not work

Bergen, Peter. 2006. “A Detailed Look at al Qaeda’s Founders.” Wall Street Journal (11 August): p. W 1.

Reviewing Lawrence Wright’s The Looming Tower, which the author praises as a deeply researched history of al Qaeda, Berg describes the Egyptian government’s torturing of Sayyid Qutb and Ayman al-Zawahiri, Qaeda’s number two operative.  He cites Mr. Wright as suggesting that “one line of thinking proposes that America’s tragedy on September 11 was born in the prisons of Egypt.”


Hmmmm.  So, not only the news pages, but the cultural reporting might provide good refutation of the Wall Street Journal’s rabid editorial policies.



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  1. ravi on

    I couldn’t find the original WSJ article that Michael is quoting, but here is a review from the NYT:

  2. mperelman on

    It was in the Weekend Journal

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