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I don’t have this book yet, but I heard her radio interview yesterday and it sounds fascinating. The argument is that slavery was a major factor in determining the system of taxes in the United States.

Einhorn, Robin L. 2006. American Taxation, American Slavery (Chicago: University of Chicago Press).
Laws were passed in the late eighteenth century requiring the uniformity of taxation, meaning that no species of property could be taxed at higher rates than others. The purpose, of course, was to protect slave owners. Later, the courts began to interpret the clause to protect corporate property, especially railroads.

I just read yesterday’s front-page story Wall Street Journal:

Lauren Etter. 2006. “Feeling the Heat: For Icy Greenland, Global Warming Has a Bright Side.” Wall Street Journal (18 July): p. A1.

After years of denying that global warming exists, the paper is now gloating that in Greenland agriculture is doing far better as the glaciers melt.


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